what is a wine aerator

When you get or buy a particular bottle of wine, you don`t know for how much time it stayed on the shelf. So, before consuming it, you need to check on some stuff. Firstly, you need to take a look at the expiration date, which is pretty long, like for any alcohol. However, being careful is always a good thing. This means that you give the wine some time for breathing before you consume it.

Aerating can be done with wine aerator or with a decanter. If you choose decanter, you need to pour around half a bottle of wine into a glass decanter. You should leave it for about 24 hours. In the other case, when using wine aerator, this process is finished much faster. There are several types of aerators you can choose from. We will try to present you with all the characteristics of wine aerators and how you can use them.

Wine Aerator

As we said, allowing wine to contact with oxygen will improve its taste. A wine aerator is a device that will give you a certain amount of wine oxidized in a matter of seconds. Opposite to the decanters, which are aerating large amounts of wine and need too much time to do it. That`s the reason people are mostly deciding on using a wine aerator.

Aerating is mostly practiced on younger red wine. After you open a bottle of a young wine, the air pours in and imitates the aging process. This means that oxygen is making the tannins softer and makes wine tastier in the same process. If you left your wine opened for several days, all of the alcohol will evaporate. So that is not the way to do it. Aerating is the answer to this kind of issues.

Wine Aerator Types

On the market, you can find various kinds of wine softeners. They are coming in all kind of shapes and sizes. However, there are three main types, and you will find the best one for you among these. We will present you those types.

Aerator Pourer

The first type we will talk about is aerator pourer. Carefully attach it, so it wouldn`t fall off when you pour it. When pouring, the wine will go through the aerator and will get some oxygen injected through the holes made for this reason. After this, you should seal the bottle.

Handheld Aerator

The second one is called handheld aerator. As its name is saying, you are holding it in your hand, and pour the wine through it. It has a filter which will prevent small parts of cork from entering your wine glass. If you want to avoid unnecessary wastes, you should aim directly in the glass, and hold it steadily. When holding it, you should look not to block the holes air comes through in. Don`t pour the wine too fast.

Automatic Aerator

The third and final aerator type is the simplest one to use. You can activate this kind of aerator just by pressing a button, and it will do the whole job for you. But, before you do that, you should place it on the neck of the bottle. Most of these are powered with batteries, four or six of them. Like with previous one, you should pay attention when you attach it on a neck of a bottle.