We can’t help but notice the influx of mid-century design elements reappearing in the kitchen space. It seems like a trademark of the past two decades is to copy things from the past- neon clothing from the 80s, hairstyles from the 70s, and now home décor and dishware from the 50s. However, we can’t complain. There’s something exceptionally charming about serving your family a casserole out of beige Pyrex dishes with an orange stripe and the delicate little logo. We love seeing the return of hairpin table legs and Eames chair, regardless of how uncomfortable they are.

Why do we continue to bring back things from the past and rebrand them as new and trendy? One theory is the nostalgia factor. For many of us who grew up in the 50s, the décor our parents worked so hard to afford and style the house with brings a sense of comfort to us. In the current era, technology and minimalism are all the rage. Modernism in design was starting to takeover until the craving for a sense of history and thehome was brought forward. We’re so glad it was!