single serve coffee brewer

First off, whether you brew with an Aeropress, French Press, Chemex or Clever, you’re going to spend more money on a single serve coffee maker than on any other coffee gear. And that’s okay, because it’s the most important piece of coffee gear you’ll own.

The single cup coffee machine delivers a fresh cup of aromatic coffee each time. It’s ideal if you don’t have the time to brew a full pot or you simply want only one cup.

Here’s what I consider when shopping for one.

Coffee Personality

What’s your coffee intake daily… does one cup a day work for you or are you a coffee-holic? Do you like that rich bold espresso flavour or that good old traditional coffee taste? Most of these coffee makers come with a permanent filter. They are easy to clean and you don’t have the concern of running out of paper filters.

However, according to research done by Coffee Dorks, some people prefer paper filters with their single serve coffee makers. The reason behind this is that paper filters trap more of the residual oils and caffeine. Depending on how strong or weak you like your coffee, this would be a personal preference.

Do you prefer the automated features of the drip coffee machines or do you like doing it yourself using a French Press or other manual coffee machines so you have more control of the taste? Do you like to grind your own beans for freshness… or even roast your own beans so you have the absolutely freshest flavour?

Brewing Quantity

Using a single serve coffee maker does not mean having to give up either taste or as many cups brewed for you as you need. They deliver the flavour either one cup at a time or up to 14 cups in one tall, thermally protected carafe.

It depends on how much room is available in the space you have and what your needs are for having fresh, hot, flavorful coffee every morning. Being able to have a cup just as the sun comes up, just before lunch, or even as an after-dinner treat can add the enjoyment to the day only a great coffee experience can bring.

Available Kitchen Space

A single serving coffee maker is just one choice you have among the best pod coffee makers. A single serving maker delivers one fresh cup at a time. the benefits are that there is no pot sitting for long periods of time on the burner or wasting coffee when all you need is just one cup at a time. these coffee makers can fit almost anywhere even if there is only a tiny amount of available space.

RVs, dorm rooms, cubicles, very small break rooms, kitchenettes, or even bedrooms can have coffee readily available when needed. Single serve does not have to mean only one cup can be made at a time. many small single servers have a reservoir that can hold multiple cups at a time. this means that instead of going into a pot, a single serving of coffee is brewed at a time and flows into a cup. Some single servers’ small coffee makers have an adjustable spout that works for taller cups or travel mugs.

Coffee Grinder

They often feature a coffee grinder eliminates the need to have a grinder on your counter or in the cupboard. this can be a fantastic space saver. many of the smaller single-serve machines use pods or packets that are pre-packaged; that frees you from having to measure or pour out loose coffee grounds.